What is the affiliate login url? 2.11

I’ve looked everywhere and I see partners.php but that doesn;t work. Is there another one? admin.php is fine just thought I remember it as affiliate.php??

Hi, I don’t know if you found what you were looking for but as far as I can tell there is no special affiliate log-in URL; they log into the same place as everyone else on the front end. I plan on using the affiliates part of the software as I have an affiliate program now and have been setting it up for a few weeks. My software now does have a separate area for the affiliates, when they log-in, what they see is not in the front-end of the site. It does not work that way in CS-Cart.

What I had to do was add the affiliate block to all my pages; it will not be visible on the front-end until an affiliate logs-in to the site using the regular log-in. Once they do those side-boxes I added are visible and they can download banners, check on their sales activity, etc. All this happens in the front-end.

in the old version of cs cart or 1.35 it had a direct link but can’t find it here. I see the front end login but wonder what happened to the old "partner: link with 2.11.

Thanks again for the response.