What is product_type field in products db?

I looked a the product type field and it seems it defaults to ‘P’. I looked at the code and I saw that it could also be ‘C’ for the product configurator.

Though we have about 30 products that are all sequential in productID that have an empty product type. I was wondering if they were empty for a reason, or if they should be P as well.

We have almost the same.

As soon as I save an product the code P is dissapeared.

As far as we can see has this no effect on the site.

I submitted an ticket to Support they repleyd:

[color=#555555]Yes, there should be values in the [/color]product_type[color=#555555] column in the [/color]cscart_products[color=#555555] table in your database.[/color]

[font=“Open Sans, sans-serif”][color=“#555555”][size=3]They send me foward to their customisation department[/size][/color][/font]