What is on the new Update

Is there anywhere I could see what is going to be updated in the new version? I am waiting for the new version so I dont have to worry about losing any of my changes.

Thank you

Joe Simmons

Yep, very good thought Joe!

I’m in for that as well: i’m hacking a lot on my pre-definite-1.3.3 version,

while i know i need 1.3.4 (my payment gateway & a few minor things i

know of will be in that version)

so in short:

what is new in 1.3.4?
(or 1.4? 2.0?) so we can anticpate with our tweaks/hacks please…

I am in the same boat, and it’s been frustrating as hell. I don’t understand why it’s such a problem getting a list of new features and functionality for the upcoming v. 1.3.4. There are tidbits listed in threads here and there (like an undescribed affiliate feature, no RMA, etc.), but no definitive end-all-be-all list.

Also, an expected release date would be great. I’ve checked these forums peridoically, and the release of 1.3.4 has been anywheres from “a few weeks”, “end of the summer”, “sometime in September”, and so on.

A public beta for us license holders would be great as well, for we could at least begin making our template and graphics modifications so as to be ready for the “gold” release.

I’ve been holding off launching my store for many weeks now, and I’m really regretting that decision. I believed we would have had 1.3.4 by now, and while I don’t want it rushed through developent by any means, I would have liked better communication from the developers.

1.3.4 RC1 (release client) is due out next week.

(Schedule subject to change via CS Staff)

but i didn’t know 1.3.4 should have been released sooo long ago!

i also spent days on translating the whole front- and backend to dutch

for nothing, in hope somethuing is coming up.

can a CS-representative answer us here please?

added edit: thx ET. Also any info as for the main topic question then?

1.3.4 Due next week when? How long? 4 month from last release ?!

well… from one point of view, i prefer “big” updates every 3/4 months, than smaller ones more often…

since everytime you have to do a particular check of what you are updating…

i know i’ll havo to “diff” many files… in the templates, in the admin…

arg… (that’s why i love Typo3 because of it’s really plugins architecture :slight_smile:

Sometime this week on this update right. Waiting for the payment modules.


Joe Simmons

Looks like release candidate isn’t ready yet. I guess there’s always next week.

Yep … too bad… i bought cs-cart last month because of the features in the promised upcoming version…still waiting …:slight_smile:

If you promised please keep your word strong, ok!