What Is Happening With This Product Page?!?!


All the refurbished mobile phones had their own custom layout page.

A customer today reported the page looked weird so I checked it out and the page had broken. Nothing I did in the layout manager would change anything on the page. So I rebuilt the page on a new custom layout and swapped the products over to that. But again nothing changed. I deleted the old layout, nothing changed. So I set the products to the default product page layout. Nothing changed.

I have no control over these these pages and their layout. Nothing I do changes anything. I've cleared cs cart cache, cleared browser cache etc. Nothing changes anything.

At the moment the one page below is set to a custom layout called "Graded Mobs Product Page 2". I have deleted the old layout, it does not exist anymore, yet the page still seems to controlled by this none existing layout?!


Currently, every other refurb phone is not set to any layout. Yet again, they all display this broken layout page.



I have no idea what is happening here. Any ideas? Probably the strangest issue I've had with CS Cart.

Sorted.... :? 8)