What is 'my tags' for logged in users

A user was asking me what is 'my tags' and really have no clue what this is for. I know you can add tags per page or products but what is this good for?

Is it so that for example if I use the same tag for many items I can use the searchr field using that term and find all the products and pages I use that tag on?

I checked the documentation and knowledge base and found info on how to add the module but no info as to what it is for.

Thanks, feels like a stupid question.


No body knows what the tags are for?

Tags are also help for SEO if you proper optimize it like Meta description. Tags are good for users to save their products in their tag place suppose… if i see Iphone… so i will save the tag name “Iphone” so whenever i click the iphone tag i get the Iphone result from website… as far as i know…