What Image Gallery Are You Using? Can You Help With A Recommendation?

@No Expert,

Let me explain. You have placed the images to the [CSCART_ROOT_DIR]/gallery_images directory. But the system looking for the images in the default [CSCART_ROOT_DIR]/images directory. So, when you specify the [size=2]image_path=gallery_images/1/test.jpg [/size]parameter the system expects that real path of imeage will be the following: [CSCART_ROOT_DIR]/images/gallery_images/1/test.jpg . That is why the thumbnails are not generated. Just place the images to the "images" folder and use the thumbnail generator without the "images" prefix. In your case it should be the following:

Hope it will helps.

Hi eComLabs,

your code activating the built-in previewer works really well.

I now want to use it in a simple responsive, bootstrap table, e.g.:


Can you please tell me how to combine the two codes so that both the CS Cart previewer and bootstrap are activated?

In particular combining all three classes, i.e. cm-previewer, img-responsive and center-block?

Thank you

Do not use comma (",") to separate classes, just use empty space (" ")

Thanks for your quick respond.

I must be doing something basic wrong.

I tried this:


And also this:


What am I doing wrong?


It is required to examine issue directly on your server. Please PM me temporary FTP access