What Happens to Custom Mods After Upgrading

I have several modifications done to the original skin and I would like to know what will happen to those mods when I upgrade to the newest version of cs-cart?

If they get deleted then is there any way to save those mods and re-apply them automatically?

Yes, they will be overwritten. Use the built-in file compare in the upgrade center to see/edit the changes.

Try to get as much (all?) of them in hooks and you'll be able to upgrade much easier.

Hello heyheyhey!

It depends on your modifications. If your modifications are not very complicated, made with hooks and don't change core files, you will not experience big problems with them after upgrade, they will not be deleted and most likely they will work correctly (minor fixes may be needed though or no fixes at all). If modifications change core files, they will not be working after upgrade.

Best regards, Alt-team

Just one caveat to the above. The specific template or php file must be part of the upgrade (I.e. it's changed) for your changes to be overwritten. For instance, if you made a change to skins//customer/main.tpl but main.tpl did not change in the newer version, then your version of main.tpl would not be overwritten.

How much would someone charge to do the upgrade for me and do the small changes?

I have very small changes done currently to the skin.

I doubt anyone is going to quote you here on the forum.

Pick a couple of developers and then send them an email or go to their sites to request a quote.

But I think most are going to be a straight hourly basis… My experience is that everyone believes they only have minor modifications, but when someone takes the times to actually view the file diffs, a completely different picture emerges. Then on has to figure out how to apply the old to the new (sometimes not so simple).

The crappy thing is, for some reason cs-cart always tells me just about all my files have changed while they have not. I kinda know which one were changed though so only fix those. Ususally takes me about an hour… but if you have absolutely no idea which ones changed it can be a nasty job.

Do you know if you are using hooks?

Of course the safest and least stressful way to do it is make a copy of you shop (I have one on a subdomain), and upgrade that one first.

If you have managed hosting service, you can ask your host to make a copy of your shop for you in a subdomain or subdir.


When you look at a diff of a file that you do not believe you have changed, what are the differences being shown?

I know that many times they change the copyright and/or the version but there are no content changes.

Just curious what you see.