What happened to the order notification emails fromv 1.x?

What happened to the order notification emails fromv 1.x?

Customers place an order, see an order confirmation screen, but no confirmation email is sent to their account until the status is changed in the backend to ‘processed’ (or whatever you’ve called the first status you change an order too when you take it off to process it).

However, I can’t find where to create or edit automatic customer order notification emails. :confused:

I’m sure I’m just being selectively blind, would really appreciate some help with this.

Orders->Order Status

unfortunately, when an order is first of all placed by a customer it has a nameless orange status (as shown in attached screenshot). Customers get a notification when staff change the status to ‘processed’ but not any actualy confirmation when they actually place the order.

Sorry iff i’m being dense/ selectively blind, but I don’t see anywhere in the backend to change this.

Yours sincerely confused,



Admin Area Orders->Order Status

Edit a Status (i.e. Completed) and click on Notify Customer

It looks like you have a more serious problem: the order status is not being set when the order is placed. Depending on the payment method, the status should be either ‘Open’ or ‘Processed’ (if the payment was successful). What payment method is being used?

If you want to send an email when the order is in ‘open’ status, make sure you have ‘Notify customer’ checked on the "open’ status in Orders->Order statuses.


I agree. Any clue what could be causing the problem, I’m stumped.

What payment method was used for the orders with no status? Was it different from the orders that had a status assigned? What about inventory? Did the orders without status have backordered items?

Also, is this a standard cart or have you made modifications? It seems to be something specific to your installation since, otherwise, we would have a bunch of complaints about this.


Thanks Bob -

It’s the same for all payment methods - no difference between them at all. I don’t have the inventory enabled as we the website is not our only sales channel and isn’t integrated with our order management system in the office.

The cart is a standard install, upgraded from 1.3.4 by Snorocket - the only modifications made have been a few changes to the css, but nothing to the functionality as far as I know…

Well, I am pretty much out of ideas - I figured it would one of the above. How often do you get the orders with no status compared to orders with status set? Can you duplicate the problem or is it completely random?

Do you get the emails for the orders with statuses assigned?