What Function Changes The Slider Value In Filters?

Hi, so what happens right now is that in the 'Price' filter, there are input fields for minimum and maximum and also a slider. If you put a price in the input field lower than the minimum, then it the system will treat it as the minimum. Conversely if you put a price in the input field higher than the maximum, then the system will treat it as the maximum.

What I want to do is put a notification, that warns users that their input is lower/higher than the minimum/maximum for this filter. And to do that I need to know which function takes the input field and then converts it from the actual input field value to the lowest minimum. Which function is that in?

Check the fn_filter_process_ranges function (app/functions/fn.catalog.php)

Hi, yes I found that function but it seems that actual values of the sliders/fields are already converted to the minimum before then. Because at the top of that function I tried printing the content of $selected_filters and when I changed the value to lower than the minimum, the value in $selected_filters was already the minimum.

Does the system detect that the value is lower and then convert it to the lowest minimum option available at an earlier point before using that function?

Looks like this function is called several times in the fn_get_filters_products_count function. So you should debug and find where the $selected_filters array is filled