What Feature Do You Think Is A Stand Out For Cs-Cart?

‘Promotions’ is hands down ( for me ) CS-Cart’s USP.

( that’s Unique Selling Point ).

It is just plain brilliant and no other cart I have ever tried

can even come close to it’s versatility.

What other carts have I tried ?

Shopify, Volusion, BigCommerce, Zen Cart, OScommerce, Cube Cart,

PrestaShop, AShop and X-Cart.

Themes combined with Design>Layouts

The ease with which you can move blocks and grids around to achieve the look and feel you want is really cool.

By far the visual Editor along the Layout Managment is one of the most unique fetaures in ecommerce cms's.

Code Editor is also a prommising feature, I would like to see some more features to that like syntax highlight or auto complition or document functions list.


Like Termalert, The Promotions logic (and Reward Points addon) is what first attracted me to the cart.