What factors does UPS use to calculate rates? I would like to advertise special shipping rates to my customers.

Right now my cart gets rates from ups based on the info I have provided for each product.

I would like to know what all factors are used to determine the rate. I don't know of any place ups publishes this info. I know a rate is based on weight and if a package is above a certain size they wack you an additional fee and I think distance or destination may also have a bearing as well.

All of my products vary in size and weight. Sizes could be from 6" x 6" x 6" to 8" x 8" x 96".

I am trying to come up with some type of a promotion or simplified shipping formula.and I am not sure if it is at all possible.

An idea might be … $0 to $100 = 10% shipping cost

$101 to $200 =7% shipping cost


or Free shipping for orders above $*****

I would assume I would have to average out all my shipping costs and compare to sales value.

Any thoughts or ideas are much appreciated.

Thanks all.

Depending on the number of items you send out on a daily basis, you might be eligible for volume discounts. Our UPS rep does an analysis at least annually and adjust our rates accordingly.

Actual weight and dimensional weight are the two factors primarily used but there are also residential surcharges for addresses beyond a “certain” distance from the UPS hub.

If you have a UPS rep, give them a call and see what they can do for you if not you might see about setting up a contract with them.

We just started using a relatively new service from UPS called Surepost. It is intended for parcels up to five pounds. UPS sends it to the customers USPS station where it is delivered by USPS.

Hope that helps.


UPS's dimensional weight calculation is explained here:


Almost all shippers base their rates on Weight and Destination. UPS has zones. Once you leave the zone you are in, the price goes up and keeps going up the further the away the destination's zone is.

There are a lot of extra services you can include into the price of a parcel (like insurance), but CS-Cart doesn't offer any of them for UPS. They do for USPS Priority and Express Mail though. I ship 99% thru USPS and have 0 problems. For me, UPS is only practical for heavier parcels, but I let the customer choose the carrier.

I don't see UPS SurePost in CSC 4.1. Am I missing something?

I don't see UPS SurePost in CSC 4.1. Am I missing something?

Anybody know if UPS SurePost is included in CS-cart 4.3.x?

If not, any addons available for UPS SurePost?

Anybody know if UPS SurePost is included in CS-cart 4.3.x?

I don't see it listed on the 4.3 demo site.

I had CS-Cart write a customization for me last year. I never found an add-on.