What Exactly Is A Responsive Theme ?

[size=4][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]Does the cart detect what device is connecting to it and adjust accordingly ?

It seems that every man and his dog is offering a you beaut Responsive package.

There is a free version of Twigmo but has [/font][/size][font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif]Product catalog [/font]without[font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif] checkout.[/font]

[font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif]Does this mean a customer can look but can't actually pay for anything ???

Sounds useless to me.[/font]

Yea, you NEED a responsive theme.

A responsive theme is exactly what you think it is. It will adjust to fit between desktop, tablet, mobile etc to give the user the best possible experience across platforms.

Google wants your website to be repsonsive as well and will give better ranking to responsive sites over non responsive.

The TWIGMO demo is probably so you can build and test a website but not make any money from it until you purchase it.

Just use one of Cs-cart's built in Responsive themes… We are currently migrating over to one now. It takes some time rebuilding your site all over again but worth it… Since the end of April when Google announced they would depreciated non-Responsive themes our Google ranks have been falling daily… We were first page top 5 for all our 200+ categories. Not anymore… So now the rush to get our Responsive theme launched… Use Google's Page Speed Insights and Webmaster Tools…

Google Mobile Friendly Test


So…as a [color=#000000]CS-Cart Lifetime License holder I will be better off[/color]

[color=#000000]buying the 1 year promulgation, upgrading my cart and using a proper responsive theme

( rather than the beta in 4.1.4 ). All I want is 'responsive' without a custom mobile store[/color]

[color=#000000]so a Twigmo subscription would be a waste of money for me. Correct ?[/color]