What Does The Icon, "share Among Stores" Do In Quantity Discounts?

I'm referring to the icon that looks like a group of people. It's used to share settings between your storefronts. When you hover over it it says,[color=#ff0000] Click to save it for all stores which share this item.[/color]

What I'm trying to do:[list]

[]Set wholesale pricing on certain products for a specific user group in my main store.


The problems:[list]

]The prices and usergroup settings I want are there in the admin panel, but they do not take effect on the storefront until I click this icon in question.

[]Cs-Cart has informed me that this has to be done manually when dealing with multiple storefronts that share the products (really ???)

]I can't see where these changes are being made in the php database or else I would adjust it there.


My question is, what is actually happening in the database when I click this icon? If I can figure out what is happening, then I just might be able to edit it without having to click this icon on over 500- products. My secondary storefronts do not utilize the wholesale user group that my main store uses. I would be happy if I can remove that usergroup completely from those storefronts, but I can't see a way to do this either. Any ideas?

Thanks for reading.