What does Database error: 1062 mean?


I cant add products anymore. Also not over importing .csv.

I get always this error:

Database error: 1062 : Duplicate entry ‘4294967295’ for key 1

Invalid query: INSERT INTO cscart_products (list_price, avail, timestamp) VALUES (‘8460.00’, ‘Y’, ‘1211814370’);


File: /+++myserver-path to+++++/admin.php

Line: 79

Function: include

File: +++ myserver-path to+++++ /products.php

Line: 40

Function: include

File: +++ myserver-path to+++++ products.php

Line: 258

Function: fn_add_product

File: +++ myserver-path to+++++/products.php

Line: 965

Function: db_insert_by_array

File: +++ myserver-path to+++++/fn_database.php

Line: 133

Function: db_query

File:+++ myserver-path to+++++/db_mysql.php

Line: 89

Function: db_debug_error

I also tried to remove the content of the PHPMyAdmin (cscart_product)

Is someone understand what the problem is?

Many thanks in advance


It means “Duplicate Entry”. You are trying to insert something that already exists. This is way you cannot add the item, they are already there.

I know now what the problem was.

I delete the content of cscart_products in PHPMyAdmin, but did that manually.

So the message alway came up. After I did it with funktion “empty” in PHPMyAdmin

it worked again.

Thanks for the reply!