What do you guys use to edit your descriptions?

I’m curious…

At the moment, probably the best way I’ve found is to do the product description in an early version of MS FrontPage (without css), then copy and paste it over.

The only problem with this however is that you lose fonts or font sizes, colors sometimes are missing, tables look different etc.

I tried different html editors with the same problems. The ones with css will sometimes mess up the way the cart looks so I avoid using them.

I tried to use MS publisher and convert to html, this sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t but when it works, it makes a much nicer advertisement.

So I’m wondering how some of you get really professional description pages with all the pictures and text aligned and looking fantastic?

Step 1) Find a fast burning fuel

Step 2) Dump it on Frontpage

Step 3) Apply Fire

Step 4) Relish in the little victories.

Frontpage does not render accurate HTML, for this reason using any form of microsoft word/frontpage for product descriptions will result in unexpected output. The best method is to strip text of formatting wholly using notepage++ or similar application to remove all remnants of fonts, styles and hyperlinks.

Next step is to modify the CSS under “product_description” to the font of your choice, finally adding tables and similar display devices manually (or copy/paste into dreamweaver and then 'strip of word html'

But there has to be an better and easier way!

Maybe if you can give an example (picture) of what you are trying to achieve?

But I agree. Frontpage should die painfully but quickly

Hi Kogi,

Its not a look I’m trying to achieve, I’m simply trying to find a better way to do descriptions. Mine always look really crappy, and I spend way too much time trying to fix them because the tables don’t stay the same size, the font properties change and all sorts of other problems.

There are people out there in this community with great skills, what tools do they use? Is there a better way ?

I’ve used a lot of tools and I haven’t found a single one that i can just copy and paste and see the same thing on the cart description as I do in the WYSIWYG editor.

There must be a better way, which is why I created this post.

And already, I’ve learned my first valuable lesson… no more FrontPage… :mrgreen:

You may need to create a product description template or hire a web developer to help you clean things up.

I do my basic layout in dreamweaver I find it’s pretty good and I have very little problem when pasting the code in to the CS editor.

I try to steer clear of tables these days but it’s not always easy…

The thing I like about DW is that after saving the document a quick hit of F12 allows me to see the document in Firefox / IE so I can get an idea of what it will look like in a browser - the other thing I do is set up a hidden / test product so that my customers cannot stumble on it and I use that to see how my progress is coming along actually as it will look to the customers using the preview link on the product page.

Just keep working on your pages and learning css you will look back over time and see your progress and if you are anything like me you will wonder why anyone bought from you in the early days lol :)

My pages are still not amazing but they are far improved over what they looked like 7 years ago :)

Ok, this sucks…

I moved to Dreamweaver, now I have more issues than before.

When I use TinyMCE, it doesn't matter if I paste the html/css it to the window or I paste the information in the html section, it strips out all the css and turns it all into html with no formatting. All it seems to keep is the basic stuff like the table border, bold headings nothing else… It strips all the font sizes, colours and everything else as well.

When I switch the editor to CKeditor, the css stuff stays in there, and the advertisements look fine with all the data unmolested, except now the borders are gone when I view the description, yet when i look in the wysiwyg editor the borders are all there…but worst of all, when I do a product listing for that category, in the descriptions there is CSS data!

Just once, I'd like something to actually work in this shopping cart…

If you are going to use dreamweaver I recommend turning off the editor in cs-cart. Just set its value to none in the admin settings. Then simply paste the html dreamweaver creates into the box. Also make sure you are using inline CSS in dreamweaver.

You mean the editor option that says “Do Not Use” ?

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You mean the editor option that says “Do Not Use” ?