What Backup When Upgrading?

Hi lads

Well I´m just have this question after upgrading to 2.0.3 to 2.0.4 and failing ( right column of my skin went away) then I started again and I install 2.0.5 (fresh new installation) I uploaded manually my skin (Modyfied basic skin) and now I have tried to upgrade it with 2.0.6 and I got the same (right column went away).

I filled it up de fields of the ftp, I pressed install, and the script said me there were some files I had to upload manually, I did it all right, but the same problem when I tried to upgrade to 2.0.4.

Does someone know, what should I “backup” because I´m going to install a new installation of cs-cart (2.0.6) and try to import all the old data.

I know exporting “Articles” and categories, I know how to export “users”

But what about “PAGES” or “FORMS”, or “STATICS”, or “IMAGES” ,etc…??

Can I use the same data base? I mean to remove just the local files and folders, install new installation of cs-cart and then just change data base information of the config.local and point it to the old data base?


You are probably bringing in your old blocks/locations directory and the block definitions there do not match the block definitions in the database from your fresh install. You can either search the DB and find the correct id’s for the blocks you want or (probably the most reliable way) is to delete the blocks and recreate them.