What Are The 'object_Id', 'object_Type', And 'type' Columns In The Comments And Reviews Addon?

Hello, I want to edit the functionality of the Comments and Reviews addon such that it will limit the user to one review per product (per user, not per IP address) and also when they want to Comment again, it will just edit their previous review instead of adding a new one.

The first step to this is understanding how the data is sent to the database, and I saw that they have thread_id, object_id, object_type, and type as the fields in 'discussions' table. thread_id is obvious, but how about the other fields, does anyone know what they are and how they're filled? Thanks.

object_id - ID of category, products, page, etc

object_type - category, products, page, etc

type - Communication and Rating, Communication, Rating or Disabled

Ah, I see. Thanks so much for this!

You are welcome! )