Westpac Payment Processor

Westpac Australia offers 2 types of credit card processing for online stores:

  1. Payway
  2. Web Advantage

    The Payway system is included in CS-Cart default however if you use the Web Advantage system then you have to use a different credit card processor file and template. I have paid CS-Cart ($150) to develop these files for me so I offer them to anyone else who may be using Westpac's Web Advantage credit card system but with 2 notes:
  3. Donations are greatly accepted, please contact me, and I will post here anyone that that does
  4. If you are Australian based and sell aviation products then you can not use these files unless you pay $150 or get CS-Cart to develop them for your store…competition is good but I won't get ripped off by a competitor

    The History:

    When CS-Cart was first released I paid them to create these files all those years ago. They then included them for free in the default CS-Cart software. Some time before version 2.2.5 was released they changed the default in CS-Cart to the Payway system so I had to pay them again to create the files for v2.2.5. Now I am going to v4.1.2 and low and behold, I have had to pay them again to create the files in order to use the Web Advantage cc processor. Payway is far more expensive for me than Web Advantage so I have had to stick with Web Advantage.

    So, attached are both the 2.2.5 and the 4.1.2 files, hope it helps other Australian stores and please remember that donations are greatly accepted




Where do you put the template file in 4.x? I can't figure out where it goes.