Were do i change text size and type?

Hi were do i change the text type, text cooler and text size off my drop down menu?

it seems that the text is to small and the cooler of the text in the drop down maks it hard to see

i am lookin for a place ware i can change the general text size and cooler.

AND ware i can change the cooler of my skin text in the drop down menu.

PS sorry for my bad spelling and gramer :o)

Not 100% but at a guess skins/your skin/customer/dropdown.css

yep barry is correct. you want to edit dropdown.css. the class you want is likely [color=#000000][font=Monaco, monospace][size=2]#top_menu ul li ul .dir li a[/size][/font][/color]

thanks BarryH

It seams that it might be in there some ware… :-)

and thanks to solesurvivor to :o)

well i think i could only change the top category size (the one in red) the second level categorys i cant change anyware.

i think ill try to find the defoult ones and changes them… if i can find them. i am guessing it is in styles.css

There may be a styles.css file in the mega menu folder BUT…


is the file coming up in firefox and I changed FONT from 12 to 50 and got the resulting screenshot

#top_menu ul li ul .dir li a {
color: #9C9C9C !important;
font: 50px arial !important;
text-transform: lowercase !important;

Good luck



I like the menu and am looking for one, where did you get it ?


yes i found it. i turnd off cach so i got the exat line number and all. i culdent figur it out becurs of the cach :-) the top level category was edit in menu.css i think it was and the sub category i edited in styles.css and now it looks better :-)

i have css merge enabeld and compresseion again. now all i have to do is optimize cs for faster loading time

thanks u all for the help

Where did you get the mega menu from I like it ?


Hi john it came whit the template from caxid. it took som extra development to get it to act right. but it is almost there now.

thanks :grin: