Weird thumbnail issue

All of a sudden thumbnails have a black border. Nothing has changed with css or thumbnail configuration and view larger image does not have the black lines. I have regenerated thumbnails to no avail. You can see it at [url][/url].

I know I’m blind but cannot see any borders in IE or FF.

you don’t see a big black border top and bottom of the thumbnail?


It’s the actual image. Looks as though thumbnail generation may be causing it to have a black background upon resize

Yes Jesse exactly but why all of a sudden should this happen? It was not like this before. It’s very strange because it’s happening whenever we add a new product.


Someone changed the bg color?

[quote name=‘JesseLeeStringer’]admin.php?dispatch=settings.manage§ion_id=ThumbnailsSomeone changed the bg color?[/quote]

OK Jesse why’d you do it?