Weird popup message "subscription to cs-cart is over"

Hello, just wondering if anyone else has had this or knows what could be causing it. A client has had this message popup:

“Unfortunately, your subscription for CS-Cart software is over. Please renew it as soon as possible to avoid the program suspending.”

As I said the license key is valid and working… so it makes no real sense - the client also said that they have then tried it on other PC’s and not been able to replicate the popup error message. We have had this report now from 2 clients (however this last time we were provided with a print screen - as we thought the first time with a different site was just some sort of fluke error).

Any help appreciated, thanks.

I had it too some weeks ago. Was a little mistake by cs-cart. It will probably pass, but you should mail them at support@ anyway I think.

Thanks Flow for the reply :) I have also attached a screenshot for anyone who is interested.



Seems to be a recurring problem with cs-cart and their newer license validation. They fix it, then several weeks later it returns.

I got this this morning also. I'm assuming nothing is going to happen to the site though, right? My website just went live and I would have some incredibly unhappy clients if it went down because of a licensing problem!

Contact the helpdesk and they will fix their end (assuming you are not on a 30 day trial).