Weird comportement solved


We discover something very “interesting” last week with a CS-Cart shop we had installed few weeks ago.

The behavior of the shop was very heratic, taxes were’nt applied in a lot of cases to the product in the basket but the order amount was good … it was a total mess.

It’s quite a large shop, with nearly 500 categories en perhaps 5-6000 products.

The shop was hosted on a dedicated 32 bits Debian server with PHP5.

After a lot of investigation, we found that the produit id’s in the basket were’nt calculated correctly. In fact the id’s were so long that a 32 bits system wasn’t able to calculate them.

It was only for some products with (strangely with a very long name, I don’t know if there is any link but …).

After a few tests we’ve decided to move the shop to a 64 bits server, who is able to handle longer int. Everything get back to normal and the shop is doing right.

If it can help someone.


Ps : the problem of the ints is described here : [url][/url] (integer overflow section)