Weird Behavior Regarding Orders


I recently helped a customer migrate from one hosting service to another and got his site using cs cart up and running, however, making some tests, we found a really weird behavior regarding some of the orders.

Basically, sometimes when a customer, say customer1 for example, logs in and creates and order, order with id 5 for example, we can't see that order in the database or in the backend list of orders, and the customer doesn't get any errors or anything weird. Then, let's say customer2 logs in the site and creates another order, now this one does show up with id 5 and we can see it in the database directly. However, this is where it gets weird, sometimes the administrator logs in the backend and can see order id 5 from customer1, and doesn't see any orders from customer2. Then he refreshes the browser a couple of times and the order changes from customer1 to customer2. Note that in the database there is no record for the order from customer1. So where is the site getting this info from ?

I'm thinking there's some kind of local (file) storage maybe that stores some info of a user based on IP or something, because when I log in from my computer I always see the same data as in the database, however when the store administrator does it, he sometimes sees these "fake" orders that are not in the database and sometimes he sees the database orders.

Any idea what could be causing this behavior ? I'll be glad to provide any additional details.

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Do you check these orders only at the store panel level or do you check the database directly via phpmyadmin or adminer?

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Hello Robert,

Thanks a lot for your response.

Yes, we've been checking the database directly with PhpMyAdmin and on the backend website. The orders that the store administrator sometimes sees, are not taken from the database. What's weird is that I cannot reproduce the issue when I log in from my computer(s), it appears to be something associated with the client's devices.

I've also cleared the cache multiple times via de ?cc parameter in the admin website and by deleting/renaming the cache folder itself, it hasn't done anything to help with the issue so far.

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Does your client have done or can do screeshots of orders that he sees in the store's administrative panel and which is not in the database?

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Hey Robert,

Yeah, the client has provided me with screenshots of the different information that he sometimes sees, I'll try to upload them today. I even went as far as to do a TeamViewer session with him to check the issue myself. I still can't figure out where that info is coming from.

For the time being, what we did was to delete and create again the admin user that he utilizes for the backend and so far, the issue has not presented itself again.

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Check if the orders are in the incompleted orders (though they should still show in the database). Additionally you might check the DB for that user_id in session_products to see of a cart still exists with that user and those products.

Also, make sure you're either in the context of the proper company or you are in All Stores mode when viewing the orders.manage page.