Weird Addons Waiting For Install

I have not paid too much time checking our stores in the full detail but I recently did and saw something very odd.

In the backend I see several addons waiting to be installed but somehow all are named the same: View

Jus look at the screenshot. Are we the only one with this strange phenomon.



The language variables (.po file in the var/langs/addons/ folder) are missed for these add-on's names and descriptions. It could be caused while upgrading. You can open the 'Code inspector' in browser to find out the add-on ID, so you can determine what exactly add-on has not .po file

Anthony, please email us if you need help with this issue

Well my friends, I was not sure if you @ecomlabs where available so directly contacted CS Cart and they gave me the outcome. I was indeed missing language variables and they fixed it for me. But thanks for asking / offering me assistance.