Website returning a database error when displaying products

we have a rather urgent problem, everytime you go into the individual products section of our website it returns a database error with the following “incorrect key file for table” we have tried reparing thru phpmyadmin, but have had no luck.

we ran the database optimise and cleared cache but still nothing.

we have attached a screen shot or you can see the problem here @

if anyone can suggest anything that may help it would be greatly appreciated


In the root of the store, edit config.local.php, search for:


I think you're using the mysql for the cache, try change this to 'file', refresh the site cache and clear out /var/cache/

thanks for the reply but that didnt work either, i am using file for my cache.

cleaned everything out and still doing it.

any other suggestions?

Are you able to see server logs and see if the box rebooted at all.its sound like mysql didn't have time to flush its cash upon a shutdown.

Have your host track it down. It looks like it's a problem with creating a temporary table for a search or a filter. My bet is that you are are running out of space and that the space is recovered upon the mysql error.