Website Issues

Customers are not able to order as it does not load or times out, and I get stuck on page 3 of trying to edit order. Our host says it is programming issue as this is thier comments…


Your account has two processes that have been using 100% CPU for over one hour, this indicates a script error.

572554 milezone 20 0 553m 40m 11m R 95.3 0.1 1:21.00 lsphp:/home/milezone/public_html/index.php

572860 milezone 20 0 551m 37m 11m R 71.1 0.1 1:29.97 lsphp:/home/milezone/public_html/index.php

572933 milezone 20 0 339m 38m 10m S 31.8 0.1 0:05.58 lsphp

As this server is shared with other users whom are not reporting issues I would recommend having your webmaster check your site for errors.


Can I click the Close Store link, so customers know we are working on problem, and then click Open Store Link? And does anyone have any ideas how to fix? Sorry I am a bit clueless on this stuff. Using 3. version.