Website Design

Hi All,

I am building a new website for my new business venture.

I have in mind the design of the site and exactly how i want it to function and look. I have installed cscart on my local computer and have this up and running using the example/demo data provided in the installation.

My questions is how do i go about modifying the cscart skin so that i can incorporate its features in to the design of my website.

Obviously the layout of the skin provided is very good but it doesnt fit waht i want and so i need to make some changes, new images, layout changes etc.

Where are the files for me to edit? Also i understand i need to ensure that some wording is displayed when using the cart but are there any other restrictions on making changes to the default website skin.



Well Tom, at least you don't start out with a simple question.

Everything you ask completely depends on what you want changed. CS-Cart has a lot of files and each one plays its part so the file needing to be changed depends on what you need.

A lot of the changes can be done just with the style sheet so that would be a good place to start.

The first thing I'd do is to search the forums and try and learn how to use the My Changes addon. Then I'd look at my design and figure out what parts need to be changed. Then I'd search for those parts here on the forum. So, if you want to change the header, search for header. The forum has a huge amount of great information since we all had to start someplace and we've all had questions.

Unfortunately though, what you are asking probably isn't going to get you the answers that you are looking for. While most of us here are totally willing to help, most of us don't have the time to try and explain each and every file that needs to be changed and how to change it.

Just search, search, search.

Hope that helps,



Thanks for the response. I didnt realise there was an addon to make changes, i just assumed it was a case of modifying files in dreamweaver or frontpage etc.

Now that i have found that i can have a play around.