Website Content Page URLs - Where to find them?

Is there an easy way to see what the url is for a page generate under Website | Content section in the v3 toolbar. When I make a page, the url that is needed to access the page is not listed. I am not sure where to look to find the page address.


Website > Content > click Edit (whichever page)

You should now see 3 tabs on the Edit page, General, Blocks, Addons. The SEO name value is shown on the Addons tab.

Note, if you are using v3 Ultimate, then you need to be viewing the Edit page as the Store Owner, otherwise the extra info such as addons does not display.

Thanks StellarBytes!! I am using v3 Ultimate, so your additional note was very helpful.

No problem. I don't know why it is set up like this - surely it would be easier to manage if the Addons tab could be viewed as the 'global' user and not site-specific user, even if the fields were not editable as the global user.

Anyway, glad you found the answer!