Webshop Got Compressed


I was changing some colors on my website and when i hit "save" it suddenly got compressed. It looks almoste like it went from responsive to basic :shock:

Anyone got any idea what happend?

the site is www.senking.no

Looks fine here. Hit F5 a few times or empty your browser cache.

Looks fine here. Hit F5 a few times or empty your browser cache.

Can you give me a screenshot? I have tried it many times now and still it looks like "basic". Also on my Iphone it does not show as responsive.

Here is how it looks when i have 100% resolution i browser... and this is not what it was before.

You can see that the text in the search bar is cut off. This was all visible before, and the menu bar had alot more space, banner images was also bigger.

This is what I'm seeing... I have no way of knowing what you had before or what it should look like.[attachment=10239:senking.jpg]


Well.. The text under the logo was in one line before. Now it breaks. The text in the search field is cut of. Before it showed the whole text. The images was bigger, the menu was longer, and so was the top menu(it spreaded out more).

What i did was i went to "design" in admin panel. Then i went to "Themes". Then i picked "visuall editing" so i could see the changes when i made them. When this editor comes up it compresses the site so you can have the editor and still see the site.

After i pressed "save" it looks like it kept the format it had when using the visual editor and now uses this as a default(non responsive).
I have tried on several computers and this format is on every one. And on mobile phones its no longer a responsive theme :?

Looks normal to me also.

here is a image of the menu and text etc how it USED to look..

See the difference? This is a screenshot i took with 100% resolution in the same browser like i have now but its much bigger and spreads more out on the screen. Ignore the text "this logo" and the arrows.. i just got the picture from a old case i had