Webservice for iPad


We want to make sure that the CS-Cart can support an iPad e-commerce application (different from just the cart working on an iPad). From what I’ve seen, this is possible, although one would have to build a WebService API ontop of CS-Cart in order for the iPad application to “talk” with the cart.

I have a few questions about this:

  1. Am I correct that this is possible?

    2a) How long would it take to build a WebService that works with the CS-Cart controller architecture (estimated)?

    2b) Is this something someone with php knowledge could do pretty easily, or something that requires a lot of work and CS-Cart knowledge? If the latter, then does anyone know any references who has the knowledge base to do this? I figure there might be already someone who has already done this even.

  2. Is a WebService API something CS-Cart is considering for the very near future? I know Magento already has one.

    Thanks in advance.

I am interested as well. I would also like the admin to work on the iPad. I currently see a couple of things that need to change.

We have built a complete set of web services to use the CS Cart controller architecture (to be used on a MOBI site written in CAKE PHP). You can send me a PM if you want to know more. It won’t be something we can just give away for free though due to the amount of work that went into this…

I think it is intressting for all users here. Do you can send it here too Lima?

I would also like to see the admin side of this for the ipad. Thanks


We’ve been developing an iPhone app for several months now, it’s not expected to be complete for another few months, right now the app is proprietary and I don’t think our customer will make it available to just anyone, however if it were released I would expect the price tag to be pretty high. The app is also built in such as way that is will be compatible with several other cart platforms - Sno