WEBO Site Speedup problem

I’ve been trying to install Webo Site Speedup but I keep getting this same error message

[size=5]WEBO Site SpeedUp automatic installation is failed[/size]

[size=3]Please be sure that you are not used local environment and do the following:[/size][list=1]

[][size=3]Check permissions and possible errors (i.e. via log files) while accessing the file [/size][size=2]/home/doublebb/public_html/addons/webositespeedup/web-optimizer/libs/css/wss.css[/size][size=3].[/size]

][size=3]Allow this file to be accessed via web (through HTTP protocol).[/size]

[][size=3]If there is Smart Optimizer installed - please uninstall it.[/size]

][size=3]Reload this page.[/size]


I turned on Firebug as per the instructions in the Webo documentation and had a look at the errors in the Consol and I see this.

“NetworkError: 403 Forbidden - http://www.double-b-books.com/addons/webositespeedup/web-optimizer/index.php?wss_page=dashboard_cache&wss__password=029c48f6fa7f3528454687d21924d57a&wss_random=0.11576200050558583

But I have no idea exactly what that means or how to fix it. Any help would be appreciated.

Im not familiat with this addon but it Seems like permission settings might be your problem. double check permission is at least 755 and the owner is set properly on the mentioned files.

I checked the documentation and it said permissions needed to be 644 or 755 and when I looked that's what they were - perhaps I need to contact Webo and see what they say.

Are you using version 3 of cs cart? If so let me know how much the webo adding helps. I saw something about it a longtime ago but never seen any proof of anyone using it and it really helping performance.

No I'm not using version 3 - I've the last iteration of cs-cart 2. Reading the boards a lot of people seem to have issues of one sort or another with WEBO. I was trying to run the free version to see how it was and then I'd buy it if it seemed worth it but I might check Smartoptimizer instead.

I'm having the same issue with WEBO Site SpeedUp 1.6.2 and CS-Cart 3.0.2. Did you ever get it resolved?


Follow the instruction here:


If you get to the “activate” phase and it gives you a CURL error in the admin panel you need to go into the ftp and create a folder called “downloads” in the root folder. Then drag and drop the “webositespeedup” just like before in there, and don't forget to change the permissions to write for all sub directs and files.

My problem after this is when I try to login to get it to work I cannot find the access page. When I go to mysite.com/web-optimizer/ like it says in the instructions I get a 404 error. Please let me know if you guys can find out how to log in.

So the Webo script is dead ?