Webo Optomizer... Anyone Have The Package?

I hear that webo can greatly speed up a website… I seem to be having a hard time trying to find the software to download. Does anyone know where to download it. Wasn't it free? I tried the website for webo and I can't find any mention of cscart… was is discontinued? Anyone have it that they can upload for me?

You can download it here. See “WEBO Site SpeedUp for CS-Cart” - unless they have made changes, Webo broke a lot of 2.2.X stores and only seemed to work for most people on 2.1.X. I only ever tried it on 2.2.4 and it broke several key elements - add to cart pop-up, lightbox, etc. These issues may have been resolved so if you do decide to try it out, it would be great if you could post some feedback on your experiences.