Webmaster Data Highlighter Crashing Site

Has anyone come across this issue, when using the Google Webmaster Data Highlighter we have noticed our cscart site goes down. Our host has said that Google is requesting every page of the site at once and we are running out of memory - any ideas??

Thanks in advance


Yep. As long as you can get through the initial set up, you're good to go. Go slow so you do not crash your site.

I quit using it all together because rich snippets does just as well or bad in my case. I have two sites with tens of thousands of products and I don't think I have ever had more than 100 in either the of the lists.

Hi The Tool

Thanks for the reply, we are only doing what we have always done but for some reason, as said they are trying to get all product pages at once.

Will leave it alone for a while to see if it is a glitch with google.