Webmail addon "probably not configured"

I enabled the Webmail addon so our customer support people could easily access all emails sent to our customer support address. When I enable it, I go to “Administration > Webmail” and get an error saying “WebMail probably not configured”. Probably?

Where do I configure webmail? I was never given any options to configure it.

I had this happen but it was so long ago I don’t remember the specifics. As I recall, I had to uninstall, then reinstall webmail and then toggle the status to disable, then active. It probably only requires one of these but doing both won’t hurt anything.

Let us know if this does not fix it.


For whatever reason, that seemed to do the trick.

Hi- Hopefully I configured my settings correctly, I sent myself a test email to see if I would get it and nothing is happening. I spoke with my website host and they said the setting I have are correct for incoming and outgoing. I can’t seem to have my email show up inside the inbox for webmail. If I send mail from webmail I works great!

How can I receive it?

Also, I am not getting notification of orders either via email. I have double checked the admin settings and all my email addresses are correct.

Please help me figure out how to make adjustments if someone has figured this out.

Thanks a bunch!


For your webmail, send a message from Webmail to another address and then reply to it - if you get the reply in your webmail, then you probably do not have webmail misconfigured for the email address you originally tried to send to.

For the order notifications, you need to make sure the “Notify” settings are set for the appropriate order statuses. Search the forum for ‘order notification’ - there are lots of threads discussing this.