Webmail Add-on To Be Removed

Hi everyone!

We are going to remove the Webmail add-on from CS-Cart. The reasons are:[list]

[]New versions of the 3rd party software are non-free

]The version we currently use is deprecated and does not support PHP 5.3

[*]We do not want to restrict users' choice of email client software and email services


All the email links in CS-Cart are defined using the standard mailto protocol. You are free to use any email service or application to handle these links.

We will be grateful for any feedback provided. If you have any suggestions, complaints or ideas, please do not hesitate to express yourself in this thread. All you comments will be taken into account when we will actually remove the add-on from the default CS-Cart distribution.

I never used it, I never bothered with it.

Good to see some fat being shed.

I fully agree, in the year 2012 there is no longer a legitimate need for a built-in “webmail” feature and it is nothing more than antiquated code fat, glad to see it removed! ;-)

Same goes for “Intershipper” which is still lingering in the system…

Never use it. Good to see it's gone.

I have never used it.

I might also suggest that cs-cart start looking at adding some usage tracking to the product to see which add-ons we are using. I bet there are some other add-ons that you can remove as well.

Thanks for keeping up on the maintenance instead of letting the product bloat.

Never used it either. Good news CS-Cart has less useless addons.

Good idea.

Agree don't need it.

yeah never used before… Should be removed.

Same here , don't use it ,I have it disabled. good to see it removed.

Tried it. Hated it. Never used it again. Glad it's gone. hehe

I never use it any way but i hope cs-cart replace it with a very nice plugin like facebook, or anything useful to my shopping cart any plugin with a good use will be great