Webgraphiq Review

A while ago I bought two add-ons from this company called Webgraphiq, the Dynamic Search add-on en the Deal of the Day add-on. At first everything seemed to be working fine but when I had my first issue (cronjob for the deal of the day add-on) the support was very poor. They did respond to my e-mails quickly but you cannot call it support. A client in need wants help and solutions, no vague answers and suggestions.

Recently Webgraphiq just turned off my license key and now both add-ons don't work anymore even though I paid for it. When I e-mailed them about wat was going on they answered me with a standard e-mail asking me about my account number. This guy Thomkas Hano perfectly knows who I am and what the problem is. But…

No service, No support, Stolen Money!