Web to print solution? Can customers upload files?

I'm wondering if CS-cart can be setup to work with my print shop. I would like to be able to list our products and then allow the customer to add the product to the cart and then they can upload their “business card photoshop file” for example… can it do something like that or is a mod available to allow it to do that?

Add your product then choose the options tab at the top. In the click add option the choose “file” as the option type. This will allow them to upload a file. If you want them to be able to add more than 1 file check the “multiupload” file box.

Also if you are planning on having this file option on many products probably worth while setting it up as 1 global option and then adding the global option to all products in 1 go.


Can you advise where the files are stored?

Anyone know where the files might be stored?

I believe they end up somewhere in the var/exim directory structure. I think there's a user_files directory created within it.

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Anyone know where the files might be stored?


The files are stored under “/var/custom_files/order_data/##/file_xxxxxx” where ## is the order number and the xxxxxx is the random string of characters for the filename that is created.