Web hosting warns of shutting down hosting account


A few days ago I have received an email from my web host (ipage) that my site uses excessive resource. And in order to not have my account suspended I need to reduce the number database queries. The number of queries they gave me over a week time is 51552 on average. I did not realize this could be a problem since the hosts advertises unlimited space and bandwith. I am obviously not a programmer so pardon me for not being aware of the resources needed.

In order to solve the problem I had my progammer follow some of the advice given on this site such as changing the cache method to sqlite and setting the permission to newly created files/folders as followed.

/ Default permissions for newly created files and directories



They have sent me a list of queries that are causing this issue. I can post them here if you think it will help.

Do you think I am on the right track to solving the problem? Or am I missing the point completely?

I really hope that this topic will help people in the future running into the same problem that have their site hosted with a shared host like me.

Thanks guys.

Sounds like you've outgrown your host… It's time to pay for some more resources my friend

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A few days ago I have received an email from my web host (ipage)


For how long your shop has been live before the warning from ipage? What cs-cart version?

I don't see how can have out grown it, the site doesn't get a lot of visitors at all. The version is 2.1.2 and I have been with ipage since around January of this year.

CS-Cart does a lot of database queries… so in terms of CPU resources, you'll need a hosting plan that is more robust.

I am currently on VPS with 2.4ghz sigle full core 2 gb ram. Sometimes I get peeks where up to 6 cores are used… Get 200 - 300visitors a day, ~4000 products. Consuming about 300gb bandwidth every month.

PS I got two cs-carts on same server, one of them gets just few visitors a day.

I have already switched the site from godaddy because it was having issues with their windows server. I would think it would be a pain to switch once more, having to transfer all images, products, and re-apply for SSL certificate etc.

Using sqlite and smartoptimizer won't help out my cause?

I think that this would be better, I mean being given a warning that your account will be put down rather than just be surprised that you cannot access your pages anymore, which is not fair. You should have to time to correct whatever mistake you are doing.

Though if it really is too late to turn back, at least you would have the time to back up important files and be able to migrate to another host properly.

If you like this host or don't want to go thru the trouble of relocating, check with them about plan upgrades, where everything stays the same and they just give you more capacity to run the cart. That will likely speed it up as well.

The problem is you are making too many SQL DATABASE queries

Turn caching back to file

I “assume” you are on 2.x


Administration - Addons

Turn off - Statistics

And then turn off everything that you dont use.

My sites have only 4 things active

Just FYI… NOTHING is unlimited. If a host claims this they are straight out lying, usually you will see small/fine print about it. What they are REALLY saying is that the resources are unlimited AS long as you stay within the AVERAGE amount of usage based on typical customers… and if you think about it, most of the customers who have those kind of plans are probably running very basic static sites with no real traffic.

Just remember, you pretty much get what you pay for.