We Need A Dependable Developer

Hello, my name is Aubrey and I run a small web publishing company. We are content publishers for the most part, but we do have two Cs-Cart stores.

We currently work with a dev company that has built 8 - 10 of custom addons for us and helps us when we need help beyond or in-house capabilities. For the most part, heir work is pretty good, but their turn around time is not.

They promise one week and it usually ends up being three. If we have an urgent matter on a working store, it's always a day or two before we can get them to address the problem.

We are looking for a company who can give us better service. A company that can maintain our current custom addons for possible future upgrades and changing variables and develop new ones for us as we need them.

We are not a “large account.” Our jobs are usually only around $150 - $250 … but we are almost always having something developed.

If you are a person, or a company that can deliver a better turnaround and communication schedule for us, we would like to speak with you.

Please email us @ admin@aunicamedia.com

Aubrey Clark

Nice to meet you, Aubrey. We will send you our offer soon.