"We Love You" Easter Egg in CS-Cart?

Hi all, this is exceptionally bizarre, however I was adding an attachment in the admin panel and accidentally hit a button (i dont know which one on the keyboard) and all of a sudden a message box pops up saying “we love you”.

Does anyone know if this is somewhere in the CS-Cart script or is someone accessing our website without our knowledge and forcing windows to popup messages?


If you’re sure you don’t have a virus or something like that, maybe you found an eastern egg?!

Umm this just happened to our site as well; latest version.

Hello all!

Don’t worry, it is not a virus, it is our Easter Egg. :)

Anastasiya Kozlova

CS-Cart Support team

oh man… now I have to upgrade. I’m feeling unloved. :)

Press Control + Context Menu button (next to the right windows button) on the keyboard. And look for the popup alert dialog :)

By the way:

Is there any other Eastern Egg? :mrgreen: