We are almost ready!!!

We are almost ready with our company’s site.

We didnt want a “heavy” site so we tried to keep it as simple as possible.

Any comments welcomed…


Just a quick remark on your site.

You ask your customer to call you for a price. Why using the cart feature then? It’s anoying and leads people in confusion => should I order something, how can I do this = I do not understand and will look for an other business.

The rest is as you said: needed a light site and that it is.

Succes in your business!

Thanks for your comments…

Well, we will release prices next week…We are not officially open yet…

Very light - to light ??

The more text you have the better the SEO chances.

If I am going to buy online I like to be able to read about the product that I am going to buy.

I would get a different payment logo - maybe with the ebay bit smaller or not there at all.

More information - for those that want it - people like me if I have not bought from an online shop before.

Who we are - what we do - how to find us - postage and delivery - returns - etc.

as for the products there is plenty of text in short and detailed description…

anyway…i didnt managed yet to include product description in listmania…For the Paypal logo…i redused the size of it…

Thanks for your advises.