Watermark Not Working On Categories And Product

i am using cs cart v4.3.2

the watermark addon is working perfectly as text, but when i am using an image , it doesnt work on the product grid and also no product photos are displayed!!

what's even stranger is that it works as it should on the product page.

any ideas?[attachment=10593:list_watermark.jpg][attachment=10594:product_watermark.jpg]



There was a bug in the watermarks module. Try to change image position. If it does not help, please contact CS-Cart team

i could have never figured it out.

that's a serious bug, in my case it works in 2 positions only, out of 9.

is there a fix on that?

Please contact CS-Cart support team. Hope they have fix for this issue. Unfortunately I cannot find the old theme on this forum where the issue was described by another customer