Watermark Add-On V4.4.2

Anyone have the watermark add-on working? We activate it, specify a png image, but get no watermark.

We do see that we have the image that we chose to be the watermark in the /images/watermark/6/ folder.

We also see the /images/watermarked/1/ subfolder. Inside of it we see /detailed/ and /thumbnails/ folders. Inside of those we see the numbered subfolders. These sub folders seem to be copies of all of our product detail and thumbnail images. So the module seems to have set up correctly.

But, when we use a test product and delete the existing image and upload a new image we do not see the watermark on the image.

We also don't see any change to the .htaccess file in the /images folder that we think ought to be there.

Does anyone have a list of the add-ons hacks we should see if it is installed correctly or how to diagnose?

Start from checking the following article