Warning: phpinfo() has been disabled for security reasons

Haven't been tinkering but got this message when I tried to check php info

in admin > database

Can anyone shed some light on this ?

Warning[color=#000000]: phpinfo() has been disabled for security reasons in [/color]/home/xxxxxxxxx/public_html/controllers/admin/tools.php[color=#000000] on line [/color]78 )

( I substituted xxxxxxxxx above for my cpanel login name )


In your php.ini, find disable_functions and remove phpinfo from it. Otherwise ask your hosting provider, they will be able to fix this problem.

The clue is in the error message - phpinfo has been disabled.

Depending on your hosting platform, you may have access to php.ini on your server, if so, check it for something similar to this:-

disabled_functions = phpinfo

Usually there will be an array of values (eg. phpinfo, exec, shellexec) - simply remove the phpinfo value only.I

If you do not have access to php.ini, contact your host.

This page is only available in CS-Cart as a convenience, it doesn't have any effect on how your store works, so is not mission critical.

Thanks guys. The link was working but I changed to a large hosting plan recently so this

is most likely the culprit. Will contact host.