Warning: Gift Certificate Code Is Not Valid

We created a promotion according to the instructions in the knowledge base.

Create promotion

GENERAL TAB: $75 Gift Certificate


Order subtotal: equal or greater 500

User Group: equal Guest


Gift Certificate: 75.00

The shopper says (and I have confirmed) that the gift code is not valid.

Anyone else experience this> If so, where di we go wrong?

Would help to have a copy of the email that was sent with the GC code in it. You might look in the cscart_gift_certficates table and see if the code exists.

Can you reproduce it on the cs-cart demo store? If so, then submit it as a bug in bugtracker.

Check in the admin panel… I had to manually activate a gift certificate once.

Please check GC status on the Gift Certificates page:

03.09.16 -

I see there there is no resolution posted on this topic and I am having the same issue. Need resolved quickly.

I have created a promotion according to the instructions.

And when i go in to to test the promotion it is adding the gift certificate to the cart correctly at no charge, it is generating the Gift Certificate code, but it is not putting the code in the Gift Certificate panel.

All that shows is a test gift certificate that was created previously in the Gift Certificate Marketing Panel.

Marketing > Gift Certificates > Gift Certificates

Ff you try to redeem the gift certificate code it assigns you get the following error.

Warning: Gift Certificate Code Is Not Valid

I even thought that it may be because the order had not been 'complete' so i have tried updating the status and it is still not triggering through.

You can see on the items i have attached it is putting it on the order and assigning the code, but it is not showing up in the darn Gift Certificate panel. I have tried to process this test order twice with the same results.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You


promo 1.png

promo conditions.png

promo bonus tab.png

GC Panel.png

test order.png

test order promotions tab.png

Also i failed to mention in the above that it is actually generating a Gift Certificate for the $60.00 amount. See attached screen shot of the test transaction, but you will see on the invoice it just shows the promo??

I know that someone out there has to have a clue how to fix this.

gc sample.png


customer account.png

more details.png

gc generated.png