Warning from server

I just switched over to a new server and I’m getting the following warning from them. Has anyone else had this? Does anyone know why there is “Russian” (?I think) in my cart? I know the company that developed is from Russia, but it’s not a language I’ve selected for use in my system and it concerns me that this is coming up as a security warning.

[QUOTE]Below are the recently upload scripts that contain code to send email. You may wish to inspect them to ensure they are not sending out SPAM.

/home/csdev/public_html/csdev/lib/phpmailer/language/phpmailer.lang-pl.php:15: $PHPMAILER_LANG[‘from_failed’] = 'Następujący adres Nadawcy jest jest nieprawidłowy: ';

/home/csdev/public_html/csdev/lib/phpmailer/language/phpmailer.lang-pl.php:16: $PHPMAILER_LANG[‘instantiate’] = ‘Nie można wywołać funkcji mail(). Sprawdź konfigurację serwera.’;

/home/csdev/public_html/csdev/lib/phpmailer/language/phpmailer.lang-pl.php:17: //$PHPMAILER_LANG[‘invalid_email’] = 'Not sending, email address is invalid: ';


Does anyone know if I can just remove the above without problems to the operation of the cart?


That’s not russian, that’s polish :wink: Nevertheless, it seems like a bug or virus, you should ask your server for help to see if you have any file infected, aldo the messages shown are armless, they are just translated into polish, but they say, for example, that the sender adress isn’t valid, etc.

The message is standard whenever a new cscart is installed on our server. It’s just saying that a new “something” is able to send email. And you know that cs-cart sends email.

You should check the from addresses in your cs-cart set-up. You may not have that particular email address set up as a valid address on your server. That could be why there’s an error.

The message is a server message and not a cs-cart message. Mine have a few non-English entries in there also at the end. Shouldn’t be an issue…

I wouldn’t remove any of those directories.