Warehouse consolidation

I have 3 stores in CS Cart Ultimate Multi-vendor
Each store has its own inventory and its own quantity of products as well
The three stores share the same products
I want to unify the quantity of products in the three stores, so that the available quantity in the stock becomes identical, and when selling any product from any store, the quantity in the 3 stores decreases
How can I do that?
Note: I tried the joint product method and it did not work

  • A “Store” in the Warehouses add-on is supposed to have a quantity of products, independent from other stores. It is a place where a product is stored physically. A store can (but doesn’t have to) take products from other stores when it runs out. For more information, check out these articles:

  • If you need a single quantity for all 3 stores, it might be easier to change their type from “Store” to “Pickup point”. A pickup point still appears on the product page, but takes quantities from other places (either from Stores and Warehouses, or from the “In stock” field of a product).


i need a single quantity for all 3 stores
but i dont wont to change from store to pickup point
can i do that ?

Not by default. This would require one of the following things:

  • Code modification of CS-Cart itself. In this scenario, CS-Cart would do the consolidation. But you’d need to hire a developer to implement that.

  • Fetching data from some other CRM regularly. In this scenario, your CRM would handle consolidation. It would need to be integrated with CS-Cart, or you’d need to configure regular import to keep the stock current.

Could you tell me why you’d like to keep the “Store” type? This might help me offer a better advice.

So far, relying only on what you said before, changing the type seems like the quickest and easiest solution, without any extra expenses.

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Because each store has its own design, its own logo, and its own domain as well
Each store has its own dedicated clientele
Also, the same product in the 3 stores, but with a difference in the name and description

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Thank you. It looks like I did misunderstand your first post.

If by three stores you mean three separate Multi-Vendor installations (each with their own license), then you’d either need a CRM, or some custom development to make such consolidation possible.

If you have a single Multi-Vendor Ultimate installation. with one license and three storefronts, then all storefronts share the same product quantity already.

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i have a single Multi-Vendor Ultimate installation. with one license and three storefronts
but every storefront have his own product quantity
how can i make every product have the same code should have the same quantity for all stores?

sounds like you have three seperate products. You can share the same product across storefronts, to do this they all need to sit under the same category.

If you have different categories for each shopfront then you add your product to multiple categories (i.e. each storefronts category).