Wanting to Upgrade from 2.0.8 on Test Store


I will be going live on Monday, 2/1, with 2.0.8 then will start to test upgrading a non-live version of my store to 2.0.12. If only one version of the cart can be listed for license purposes, how do I upgrade a “test” store? I’m a little confused on how to go about doing this. Will I still get the upgrade info my Upgrade Center on the “test” store once my store is also live?

Also, just to verify, I need to correct ALL conflicts between each level of upgrade, right? (i.e. if I have files that need correction during 2.0.8 > 2.0.9 upgrade, I must fix those before moving on to 2.0.10 upgrade step)

I’m also very green with backups and databases. I should create copy of my current CS-Cart folders and also backup my SQL databases, right? How do I backup my databases? I am not at all familiar with CRON jobs or anything of the sort but have gone to look at my databases via MyPHPAdmin and know there are various buttons and such available to me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!



Going live on 2.0.8 on 2/1/10!