WANTED: Shopalize Addon

Shopalize is a social plugin that can increase exposure of your web site and products through social sharing. Basically you reward customers for sharing your products on their social networks.

There are currently two ways this can work:

  1. Button on product page.

    A customer sees a button on your product pages that offers them a 10% discount on their order at your store if they share your product on Twitter and/or Facebook.

  2. Popup on order confirmation page.

    In this scenario, after your customer has placed the order, on the confirmation page they will get a message saying that they can get a discount off their next order if they share what they have just purchased on their social networks. Optionally, it can also be configured to also give any friend that responds to their message a discount on their order.

    I'd like to see this made into an addon for CS-Cart and invite developers to submit estimates on what such a plugin might sell for.

    Alternatively, I would like to know how much a developer would charge to do this on a custom basis. As I understand it, there are just two snippets of code to be put into the right places. I have signed up for an account with Shopalize and would be willing to grant access to my account to any developer interested in looking at the code. Just PM me.

Count me in. Have also been looking for something like this. Addshoppers.com have some of this, but its not working very well. Would like to see it better integrated with the cart and/or the confirmation page in CS-Cart.


How much customization would you like in the Addon Settings area?

Which integration are you looking for? I'm going to be adding in the Purchase Sharing integration.

I'll have the product sharing integration complete this week

I'm interested in both… but probably more interested in the post purchase one…

The product sharing version of this has now been released by RequinCreative. I purchased my copy this morning. Go here for more: