Wanted: developer for DHL intraship Germany add-on

We're running a cs-cart shop in Germany and would like to have an add-on that allows us to connect to DHL and print shipping labels straight from our shop.

It exists (for free) for Magento and Oxid so maybe you can take those modules and use them as an example. Here's a link to the one for Magento: http://www.magentoco…aship-7494.html

I have access to DHL developers corner - some stuff is in German though, but the API's should be in English.

Best would be to get someone with both cs-cart and dhl intraship experience, because both are apparently quite peculiar programs.

If you speak / read German that would be an big advantage, because the website and support from DHL will be mostly in German.

We have a budget of about 500 dollar. Please PM me only if you are sure you are able to do this.